Yokohama and Brazil

Did you know that Yokohama Port was the starting point for many Japanese to move to South America, centered on Brazil, on immigrant ships such as "Aruzenchina Maru" and "Santos Maru"? At its peak, there were nearly 20 "immigrant inns" where migrants and returnees who departed stayed. Many migrants feel very close to Yokohama.

Did you know Trajectory of connection between Yokohama and Brazil

You can see the connection in such a place

  1. The timber that built the Great Pier is the Brazilian Ipe tree

  2. The landmark flooring is made of Brazilian stone

  3. Rinko Park's 100th Anniversary of Japan-Brazil

  4. Brazilian team goods that won the 2002 Soccer World Cup at Nissan Stadium

  5. Do you know the "Lara supplies" sent by Brazilian Nikkei to Japan, which was short of supplies after the defeat of World War II? At the Shinko Pier in Yokohama Port, there is a monument to the song that Her Majesty Empress Kojun (the Empress of Emperor Showa) wrote her gratitude.

Bonds with foreign Nikkei in Lara supplies that helped Japan
In Japan, which was devastated immediately after the end of World War II, it was difficult to obtain daily necessities such as food and clothing. Did you know that a lot of relief supplies arrived from an overseas organization called Lara in an era when all that was lacking?
The relief supplies received from Lara are called Lara supplies, and from 1946 to 1952, in addition to foodstuffs such as milk, grains, canned foods, butter and jam, clothing, medicines, shoes, soaps, school supplies, etc. Dairy cows and goats were delivered.
The total amount of money now exceeds 40 billion yen, and 20% of it was a goodwill gift from Japanese and Nikkei living overseas such as North America, Brazil, and Argentina who started to save Japan.
In front of the gate of the Japan Coast Guard in the Shinko district, there is a monument to the following song in which Empress Kojun (Empress Showa) wrote a thank-you note for Lara supplies.
"Lara's goods are stuffed with tears in the heart of the country."

Note) Totsukuni = Foreign country = Foreign country "Warmth totsukokujin's heart and soul Yumenawasore time is not good"

Punipcruises painting

Kasato Maru returned to Minatomirai after 110 years


Ipe Tree / Japan-Brazil 100th Anniversary Memorial