VIVA! 111 de Yokohama

Celebrate with everyone in Yokohama The 111th anniversary of Japanese immigrants to Brazil

Did you know that Yokohama Port was the starting point for many Japanese to move to South America, centered on Brazil, on immigrant ships such as "Aruzenchina Maru" and "Santos Maru"? At its peak, there were nearly 20 "immigrant inns" where migrants and returnees who departed stayed. Many migrants feel very close to Yokohama.
Celebrating the 111th anniversary of Japan's immigration to Brazil from Yokohama, which sent many immigrants, and thinking of the 1.9 million Brazilian Nikkei, this commemoration of the friendship and cooperation between Japan and Brazil, which are located on both sides of the globe. Let's celebrate the year

November 17th-November 24th Painting Exhibition / JICA Yokohama Lobby


Profile of oil painter Ai Ohno / Megumi Ohno

A painting exhibition will be exhibited at the JICA Yokohama lobby from November 17th (Sun) to 24th (Sun) from 10 am to 5:30 pm. Carlos Toshiki's bag designed by Mr. Ohno will also be on sale in the afternoon product sales space.
Born and resident in Yokohama. Graduated from Waseda University School of Letters, Art History Course. Created oil paintings focusing on the scenery of the harbor centered on Yokohama. Obtained copyright with a unique painting method that covers the entire surface of the stripes. -Shimashima picture © 2013 Creator unit PORT ART PIRATES presided over.


Part 1 Commemorative Lecture / JICA Yokohama Conference Room 10: 00-12: 00

Theme "Amazon Japanese Immigrants 90 Years and Brazilian Japanese Society Now"

Opening remarks Brazil solidário Yokohama Chairman Tatsuya Saito
Part 1 Keynote Lecture Mr. Tamiko Hosokawa, Executive Director, Institute of Humanities, Sao Paulo
Part 2 Symposium

Mr. Tamiko Hosokawa, Executive Director, Institute of Humanities, Sao Paulo
Izu Oshima Fujimi Kannondo Domori Osamu Ito
Mr. Hitoshi Kishiwada, Managing Director, Japan-Brazil Central Association

Mr. Shigeru Kojima, in charge of curriculum, JICA Yokohama Overseas Migration Museum

⑤Maria Haruyo Ishiguro, a cultural promoter in Brazil, Japan and Kamakura

Facilitator Brazil solidário Yokohama Chairman Tatsuya Saito
Closing remarks

Brazil solidário Yokohama Vice Chairman /

Hideyoshi Hashimoto, CEO of Brazilian Business Group (BBG)  


Keynote Speech Tamiko Hosokawa Profile

After graduating from the Department of Portuguese, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia University, he went to Brazil for a year to explore Brazilian culture after working as an office lady. With the power of the existence of Japanese society, he remains in Brazil. He has worked as an editor of Japanese information magazines, a freelance writer, and a coordinator of television, magazine coverage, and events.

Part 2 Commemorative Stage Show / Zou-no-hana Park 13: 00-16: 00


time schedule

Simultaneous holding Brazil mini market held!

We also sell Brazilian food and drinks such as Tomé-Açu's peppers and sweets, Brazilian bikinis / underwear, books, CDs / DVDs, and accessories related to Brazil.

Brazilian food sales cooperation: Aegis Holdings

CAMTA (Tome-Açu General Agricultural Cooperative) also cooperates with the event!

We also sell peppers purchased directly from Brazil.



JICA Yokohama

2-3-1, Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 231-0001

15 minutes walk from JR Sakuragicho Station
JR Kannai Station 15 minutes walk Bashamichi Station (Minato Mirai Line) 8 minutes walk

Elephant nose park

1-chome, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0002

Minatomirai Line "Nihonodori Station"

About 3 minutes on foot from Exit 1, about 5 minutes on foot from Exit 2.


Event T-shirt sale

★ ☆ Event T-shirts are now available for pre-order! ☆ ★

Travel Pointing Phrasebook 2 Event T-shirts drawn by Mr. Orido Maki, who is also famous for illustrations in Brazilian <Portuguese>, will be on sale at the 11/24 event!

Lots of Brazilian and Yokohama items, cute paper-cutting style

Two colors, Brazilian canary yellow (ladies) and Yokohama blue (unisex)!

Let's connect Brazil and Yokohama with yellow and blue on the day of the event!

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2500 yen per sheet

Men's M, L, XL, XXL

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Yokohama City International Bureau

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