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110th Anniversary Ceremony of Migration in Brazil = Mako attended, 1.9 million Nikkei

On July 21, a commemorative ceremony was held in Sao Paulo, the largest city in Brazil in South America, which has the largest Nikkei society in the world, to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Japanese immigration hosted by local Nikkei groups. At the ceremony, Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishinomiya family, who was on an official visit, expressed her gratitude to Brazil for accepting immigrants as well as to overcome the hardships of her predecessors.

An estimated 250,000 Japanese have immigrated to Brazil, which is located on the other side of the globe, since 781 first contracted immigrants passed on the Kasato Maru in 1908. Starting with coffee farm workers, there are currently 6 generations, about 1.9 million Nikkei, who are active in various fields.
About 4000 people attended the ceremony. Mako, who had been familiar with Brazil from an early age, said, "I am grateful to the Brazilian government and the people of Brazil for warmly accepting immigrants from Japan, and the immigrants and their descendants have made efforts today. I would like to express my deepest respect for the development and support of Japanese society. "

[From Sao Paulo current affairs]

Latin American Nikkei Brazil 1.9 million Peru 100,000 Argentina 65,000 Mexico 20,000 Bolivia 14,000 Paraguay 10,000 Chile 3,000 Colombia 2,000 Cuba 1200 Venezuela 820 Dominican Republic 800 Uruguay 460 people

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