Greetings from the chairman

Nice to meet you, we are solidário Yokohama, Brazil.
Yokohama, along with Kobe, was the starting point for many Japanese to move to South America, centered on Brazil, on immigrant ships such as the "Aruzenchina Maru" and "Santos Maru", so Brazil and other South America There is a strong connection with.
From the current Sakuragicho station to the Osanbashi, there are nearly 20 "immigrant inns" where migrants and returnees stay at the peak, and some of the migrants feel that Yokohama is their second home. Not a few.
Against this background, in April 2015, Yokohama City confirmed the promotion of exchanges with Santos City, which is one of the terminal ports of immigrant ships and the largest port city in Brazil, for intercity cooperation.

会長 斉藤 達也 (横浜市会議員)

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), located in Minato Mirai, Yokohama, has consistently been responsible for the migration projects recommended by the postwar government, such as setting up an overseas migration center in Negishi, Yokohama and sending migrants from Yokohama Port. In addition, after the migration project is completed, a migration museum will be set up in JICA Yokohama in the Shinko district of Yokohama to widely convey the history of migration, the appearance of immigrants, and the state of Japanese-Americans overseas today.
The fact that JICA Yokohama, which is a base for history and exchange, is located in Yokohama, and with samba officials such as the samba team "Broco Jonan", Brazilian music lovers, people who have worked in Brazil, and local governments in Brazil. Brazil solidário Yokohama was established in December 2018, assuming that the people involved in the exchange and those who have experienced the 100th anniversary of immigration to Brazil voluntarily in 2008.
Based on the memorandum of understanding between the cities of Yokohama and Santos, we hold events and lectures as an organization that supports friendly cooperation between Japan and Brazil, such as supporting exchange activities and cooperation activities.
* Solidário is a Portuguese word that means "connect and help each other."