About Fujimi Kannon-do

July 1958 The "Japan Overseas Migration Family Association" was established by Japanese families who sent out overseas pioneering immigrants. After Mr. Tatsuo Fujikawa, who was also the first managing director and secretary general of the association, retired in August 1978, Fujimi Kannon-do was erected with private fortune. In October 1968, Mr. Fujikawa also served as the secretary general of the "All-Party Parliamentary League for Overseas Migration (later renamed the All-Party Parliamentary League for Central and South America)", and it was the first time that he had a thorough inspection of the current situation of Japanese overseas pioneer immigrants from all over the world. .. He paid close attention to the immigrants who died in the middle of his career, and received a reprimand at Koyasan in November 1973. In 1986, "Brazil Fujimi Kannon" was erected at Kongoji Temple in Suzano City, Sao Paulo. This record of Mr. Fujikawa never appeared in the world as a public historical fact, but it was completed as a valuable documentary work trilogy by the filmmaker Jun Okamura. After that, Mr. Fujikawa's wife, photographer Michiko Sasaki, the OBs of the "Japan-Brazil Cultural Exchange Association" who cleaned the Kannon-do, and Mr. Shuma Ito, who is also the guide for this immigration experience tour, will be the guardians of the past. I am serving.

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