As an organization that supports friendly cooperation between Japan and Brazil

Born May 1, 1st year of Reiwa

Did you know that Yokohama Port was the starting point for many Japanese to move to South America, centered on Brazil, on immigrant ships such as "Aruzenchina Maru" and "Santos Maru"? At its peak, there were nearly 20 "immigrant inns" where migrants and returnees who departed stayed. Many migrants feel very close to Yokohama.

In April 2015, Yokohama City confirmed the promotion of exchanges with Santos City, which is the terminal port of immigrant ships and the largest port city in Brazil, for intercity cooperation. Based on this, "Brazil solidário Yokohama" was established on May 1, 1945 as an organization to support friendly cooperation between Japan and Brazil. * Solida ́rio means "connect and help each other" in Portuguese.


2020.9.28 Yokohama Waiting Brazil Solidario Yokohama has uploaded a video showing the port

2020.9.20 Viva! 112 de Yokohama event will be held

2020.7.1 We were able to support the food bank business ! !!

2020.6.25 We have announced the balance sheet .

2020.6.20 Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture Restart Community Open Ceremony

2020.6.18 In Yokohama in honor of the day of overseas migration

2020.6.18 Max Kenzai Co., Ltd. Co-sponsored as food support expenses for food banks

2020.6.8 Full support! Food bank Kanagawa's food to Gunma Oizumi Town!

2020.5.12 Brazil solidário Yokohama also cooperates with "Hokkaido Samba Relay" ! Please check the video

2020.4.20 We have started support for people who have anxiety about life and need life support. If you need consultation, please contact the consultation desk page or

2020.3.8 We will move to NPO Brazil solidario Yokohama